Garden Club 2016

We are introducing a new schedule and format for the Garden Club for 2016.

This coming year the agenda will change to be more in line with the schedule and the desires of the group.

The first meeting will take place on March 6th.  Please refer to the Calendar for more information.
In June we will have a plant sale.  The location is yet to be determined.  The sale will include vegetable starters, for those wanting to start some to sell and also perennial and annual plants.

The proposed scheduling for next year would be as follows;

March – Seed swap & club agenda planning

April – agenda TBA

May – agenda TBA

June – Plant Sale (mid June)

July & August – no meetings.

September – Final (agenda TBA)

Members have expressed a desire to out and see other gardens, garden centers, so this year we will focus on that.   If any members would like to show their garden or growing facility please let me know.

me know what your thoughts are on this.


Thanks, Heather

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